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About the Artist

Sue Yu Petty is originally from Pasedena, California, where she started painting and sketching at a young age. Realistic sketches and watercolor paintings were her primary focus at the time. Having moved to upstate New York in her teens, it was there that she sold her first sketch from an art show at the age of 15.

It was during her time after graduating from Chiropractic College that she returned to her love of painting and creating...only this time she chose oil as the preferred medium. She was influenced and inspired by renowned Reflectionist Artist, JD Miller to master the art of 3D oil sculpting.

Early works of Sue Yu Petty were known for beautiful sculpted butterflies that seemed to fly through the canvas. She then did a short series of hearts after creating an inspirational live painting for a ministry that mended hearts and broken marriages ("The Hideaway Experience").

She later spent a decade practicing the healing art of Chiropractic, owning a successful wellness clinic in Dallas, TX. During that time she continued to paint and had works at a popular gallery in Dallas, TX.

Today she creates mostly commissioned pieces, whereby the works really are part of the home and reflect meaning to the individuals whose eyes will gaze upon them daily.

"I like to create art that has a purpose" she often says.

Therefore, her works and the series she creates have both a purpose and an underlying message reflected in each piece.


"When I paint, its like a meditation, in which all the noise of the world and my inner thoughts can be quieted...and I feel a great sense of peace. And I fully give the Lord our God full credit for any good thing I may create for I could really do no good thing apart from His blessing, provision, and favor".

Sue Yu Petty resides in Blue Ridge, TX with her husband Travis Petty and their two girls, her greatest creations; Meela Grace Petty and Mikayla Love Petty.



Thank you for contacting Sue Yu Petty Art. We will connect with you shortly about any questions or needs you may have.

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